About Ash Mill Yoga

Ash Yoga Studio is a small, intimate, private studio.

Lynne Hewitt is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher in the Iyengar Tradition. Lynne is well known in the Bucks Country area as a compassionate and caring teacher who focuses on the form and alignment of each posture. She is recognized for her unique ability to help students embody their practice. Her work focuses on the refinement of natural movement principles that underlie all of yoga practice.

Lynne is available for private yoga sessions in the privacy of your own home. Whether you are a beginner looking to begin your yoga practice or you are an advanced student seeking guidance and support in the more advanced postures, a private session may be just right for you. You are welcome to contact Lynne to discuss your needs or to schedule a private session.

The concentration and focus on fundamental principles allows students of all levels of experience and from all traditions to build their own authentic Yoga practice. Namaste’

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide comprehensive yoga instruction to students of all ages and skill levels. The alignment-based approach cultivates strength, flexibility, and balance in a challenging yet responsible manner. Through this practice students are guided towards a deeper awareness of the interactions of body, mind, and spirit. With a dedication to personal attention we will help all students develop their own unique practice at their own pace.

Our intention is to spread the teachings of yoga to all community members in the belief that everyone should have access to yoga, wellness and overall life enriching experiences.

We live every day with an open heart and compassion for our neighbors and with the understanding that we are all here to find our own light within, and from there we can begin to illuminate our community.

We are committed to the idea that everyone should feel welcome to the practice of yoga.

Yoga For Cyclists

Yoga For Cyclists: Enhance Your Experience On & Off Your Bike

Lynne Hewitt (ashmillyoga.com), yoga instructor, massage therapist, and fellow bicyclist, will provide us with a preview of the potential we each have to open the body and keep our energy flowing.

Beginning from the traditional and classic view that yoga is first and foremost about awareness within our self, being in the moment of how we live our lives and how we move our bodies, Lynne will guide us through postures designed to slow us down enough to observe how and where our bodies speak to us with signals we can use to adjust and improve our body mechanics.

Result: Reduction of stress, more enjoyment in daily living, and a more pleasurable biking experience.

Please wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes, and bring the following items if you have them: yoga mat, bath or beach towel, bathrobe tie (or similar tie or woven strap), Foam block(s) or phone book(s). We will have some extras of these items for those who need them.

Employee Wellness Corporate Chair Massage

Certified Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher Offers the Perfect Gift for Your Employees

The chair massage is done in a specially designed chair that has head, chest, arms and knee rests. It is done without oil. The massage consists of a unique blend of massage, covering the neck and shoulders, and can be adapted to the client’s needs. The receiver is fully clothed and it can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes. In as little as 5 minutes, your employees can return to work refreshed and ready to continue his or her duties with clearer concentration and renewed energy.

Corporate Chair Massage for Your Employees

  • 30 minute setup and breakdown charges apply
  • 2 hour minimum per office
  • Call today to Schedule; 267-614-2797