Massage Therapy

Esalen Massage ®

Esalen Massage Practitioner describes an Esalen massage:

The receiver rests on the massage table, draped, and the massage therapist’s hands begin quietly, with presence, focusing on the breath, allowing the receiver to drop inward. The long, slow strokes awaken awareness, and as the body begins to relax, the connection deepens, nudging bound-up muscles, drawing forth expanded movement. A relaxing sigh resounds through the body, and then the therapist responds with integration strokes into related areas. The massage continues in a holistic way, integrating the torso, arms, legs, hands, feet, neck, and spirit into a united whole.

The therapist brings knowledge of strokes (many have roots in Swedish massage), of muscles and bones, of movement, of listening to the body as well as the words. Prior to the session, the therapist takes a few moments to pay attention to her own physical comfort, and begins to quiet the internal chatter to listen for inner guidance. As the therapist massages, she responds to the signs of relaxation: deepened breath, enhanced circulation or a simple sigh. Each session is unique, tailored by personal requests, comfort level, physical tension and release, the felt sense of intuition.

The effects of this bodywork, loosely categorized as wellness or stress management massage, which have a wide range of effect on each person. For some, it brings a renewed sense of health and energy. Often old tension patterns break free and old emotions are released. It signals a return to one’s nature, a switch from everyday consciousness into a calmer, more expanded lighthearted space less inhabited by the constraints of time and place.

At the heart of the therapist’s session is her intention to bring about the ability of each individual to regain a sense of harmony, reverence, and balance, and to awaken inner resources for healing. It is not unusual to hear, “That was the most amazing massage I’ve ever received.”


Reiki is a Japanese word for a particularly high, fast and beneficial frequency of Universal Life Energy. Reiki is considered by some Reiki Masters as the love force. “Love is the reason why healing takes place”. A Reiki therapist transfers this energy to the recipient. The therapist uses a “hand-on” pattern which is gentle, non-manipulative and non-invasive which promotes a holistic balancing of the body, mind and spirit.

Reiki is effective in managing and reducing or eliminating pain. It helps to speed up recovery from trauma even from major or minor surgery.

  • Reiki is effective in the relief of stress and tension.
  • Reiki is helpful in the removal of unwanted habits gently providing peace of mind and harmony.
  • Reiki is available alone or can be integrated with a massage.

Chair Massage

Chair massage is a massage treatment that takes place while you are fully clothed. The recipient sits in a specially designed chair. Usually shorter than an ordinary massage, a chair massage treats the back, neck and head, shoulders, arms and hands. A chair massage will leave you feeling energized and stress free. After hours sitting behind a desk at work, it offers a quick pick-me-up we could all do with!

A typical chair massage may only last 15-25 minutes (and can be reduced down to fit into a mere 5 minute slot), but it focuses on the areas where people often carry the most (and most debilitating) tension. Sometimes known informally as an ‘office’ or ‘corporate massage’, the treatment is said to be invigorating due to release of endorphins it produces and the increase in blood circulation that it promotes.

Chair massage therapy is generally composed of a combination of Shiatsu, gentle massage and acupressure techniques and is very relaxing. It is not unusual for recipients to doze off in the chair (which can add to the sensation of your batteries having been charged after the treatment has finished).

Employee Wellness Corporate Chair Massage

Certified Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher Offers the Perfect Gift for Your Employees

The chair massage is done in a specially designed chair that has head, chest, arms and knee rests. It is done without oil. The massage consists of a unique blend of massage, covering the neck and shoulders, and can be adapted to the client’s needs. The receiver is fully clothed and it can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes. In as little as 5 minutes, your employees can return to work refreshed and ready to continue his or her duties with clearer concentration and renewed energy.

Corporate Chair Massage for Your Employees

  • 30 minute setup and breakdown charges apply
  • 2 hour minimum per office
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