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Yoga For Golfers

Lynne Hewitt taught yoga at the Pebble Beach Resort and The Inn at Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach, Calif. for about six years. Now a resident of Buckingham, Hewitt is bringing her expertise in the yoga studio and on the golf course to the Center Club in Lambertville, N.J.

"I don't do a general class," said Hewitt, who has taught, among others, PGA Commissioner Tim Finchum. "I go around and I talk to each person. I assess what their situation is, give them the proper props, make sure that they are taking care of themselves. "I'm very familiar with golf and with what golfers require in terms of their yoga practice."

An instructor at the Center Club, Hewitt said the workshop will address a different aspect of the game each week. For the final class, participants will take their hacks at a driving range. Hewitt noted that the world's number-one player, Tiger Woods, is an ardent and dedicated yogi.

"There are a lot of similarities between golf and yoga, and I see that when I go out on the golf course," said Hewitt, age 57. "I feel it. There is a lot of yoga philosophy involved in the game of golf." Hewitt emphasizes focus, balance, strength and flexibility in her instruction. Another key, she said, is the golfer's ability to "root" his feet in preparation for a golf shot.

"There is a lot of breathwork involved," she said. "It's a very mental game. There is a lot of visualization going on in the practice of yoga as well as in the practice of golf." Although she admits thatshe's not a great golfer (she considers herself more of a novice), Hewitt still enjoys hitting the links. She said her attitude is, "Let's get outside." Since she's relocated from sunny California to frigid Bucks County, however, Hewitt has noticed that the East Coast tends to move at a much quicker pace than West Coast living.

And she's trying to get people to slow down - and breathe - while emphasizing patience to succeed. Hewitt said workshop participants
don't even have to have an interest in golf to sign up. "Sometimes, people just enjoy learning something new," she said.


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