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Chair Massage

Chair massage is a massage treatment that takes place while you are fully clothed. The recipient sits in a specially designed chair. Usually shorter than an ordinary massage, a chair massage treats the back, neck and head, shoulders, arms and hands. A chair massage will leave you feeling energized and stress free. After hours sitting behind a desk at work, it offers a quick pick-me-up we could all do with!

A typical chair massage may only last 15-25 minutes (and can be reduced down to fit into a mere 5 minute slot), but it focuses on the areas where people often carry the most (and most debilitating) tension. Sometimes known informally as an ‘office’ or ‘corporate massage’, the treatment is said to be invigorating due to release of endorphins it produces and the increase in blood circulation that it promotes.

Chair massage therapy is generally composed of a combination of Shiatsu, gentle massage and acupressure techniques and is very relaxing. It is not unusual for recipients to doze off in the chair (which can add to the sensation of your batteries having been charged after the treatment has finished).


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